Germany :: Easter Wheel Run



Easterwheelrun (Osterraederlauf in German) This is an ancient tradition on Easter Sunday in the small town of Luedge. In the afternoon large wooden wheels are stuffed with huge amounts of rye straw. The so called Dechen (the word means guardians of the tradition) attach a balancing pole to the wheels and bind the straw in a special procedure into the wheels by using hazel rods. This takes more than 3 hours.Some of the wheels are more than 40 years old. Each of the wheels is carrying an inscription. At dusk a 10 meter high cross is illuminated on the easter hill and a large bonfire is lit. One hour later the first wheel is rolled to so starting point. The Dechen prepared a starting pit where the wheel is aligned for a good run. When the wheel is correctly balanced, two Dechen inflame the straw. When the fire is fully developed they push the wheel down a steep slope and watch it's burning track. When the wheels run well the harvest will be good that year is the saying. A small cannon is saluting every wheel's run.


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